Agile Coaching

I love to help teams and organisations with their puzzles. Whether you are in a transition from a more conservative way of working, or if you are already on a path to continuous improvement, let’s talk!

I studied social work, in order to add to and improve my people skills. When I started working in IT in the nineties, I realized it were these people skills that helped me stand out and make a difference in many teams.

When I heard of Agile and Scrum in 2008, I immediately loved it. I really like the invitation to take ownership of what you do and the continuous drive for improvement. I discovered that I have a natural drive to find out what makes peoples eyes sparkle, and I will always search for ways to make that happen.

Since 2008 I have been coaching teams, individuals and organisation to grow in adaptiveness, in agility and resilience. I’d love to find out how I can help you and your organisation grow towards more effective ways of getting things done, while pleasure and drive grow and thrive!

 Adding value, by showing accountability, while enhancing resilience