It is my experience that working in changing organisations can be hard at times. New roles, new skills are required and while searching for our place in this new organisation it can feel really lonely at times.

Having experienced this myself often, I felt the desire to offer myself as coach, as sounding board for you, while you uncover your value, your place in your organisation. I am experienced in coaching people in new roles in agile organisations, and also in organisations that are growing towards more self-steering or self-organising teams.

I’m confident that you know how to do this, you might just lack the experience and confidence to trust and believe in that ability! I can help you grow, help you navigate through your options and your reality.

You can go to work with confidence, with energy and a smile. Want to know how to get there? Let’s talk! The first talk is always free of charge!


What else can I do for you?

If you are interested in one of the workshops I offer, or are there other social skills you would like me to talk about and work on with you or your people, please contact me.

I love to think with you and create a workshop that will give you exactly the value you want for yourself or your company. Please contact me here, so we can see if we can work together.

 Adding value, by showing accountability, while enhancing resilience