Working with Marjoke is both fun and (sometimes) confronting. Marjoke worked as a scrum master in one of my teams where she showed her dedication to eliminate waste and bring the team to a higher level. She will not hesitate to go against the grain if she feels that is what is needed. She is a great listener and coach who really cares about people and is committed to improving their Agility. The team and I have definitely learnt a lot from her!
Ronald Roks - ABN AMRO

Marjoke is a great coach and mentor. She is very experienced and diverse. She has good observation skills, she asks the right questions and finds it no problem to name the ’pink elephant’ in a room. As a result, she knows how to open up certain situations and make people think about it so that a change can be initiated. She sees where people can grow and gives them the confidence to realize this. Marjoke came to us at a time when I started to doubt my own quality as a scrum master. She was my sparring partner and regained my confidence as a scrum master. She knows how to ask the right questions and names the things that happen as they are, which gives a lot of insights. She is nice, cheerful and positive with an enormous empathy.
Barbara Ingelse - ABN AMRO

Marjoke is an incredible coach, and a wonderful person. We worked together for 6 months and she coached me with understanding, empathy and care. She challenged me and helped me with powerful questions. I was able to overcome a few blocking points I was facing and, that’s genius, I had real fun in the process. Marjoke’s warmth makes you feel immediately at ease, completely safe and accepted. I loved working with her and I wholehartedly recommend her as a coach, Agile coach - or really, anything! She’s just amazing!
Davide Aldrovandi

 Adding value, by showing accountability, while enhancing resilience