Vacation or retreat

Vacation or retreat?

Those of you who follow me on social media, have probably noticed that I’m organizing retreats, together with Kitty Iding

Some of the feedback we are getting on our posts are worth spending a little bit more words on. Like this one:

Why would I spend money on your retreat and not simply go on vacation?

Excellent question! And the answer is simple… and it is not.

The simple answer is: because you are not taking me and Kitty with you on your vacation! Now, if going on vacation without us sounds more appealing to you than spending time with us, you can stop reading. However… if you’re intrigued, please, read a little further.

So what is the value in spending time with us, especially in our event?

The value we bring is in a couple of things.

First of all, we spend a lot of time, creating a light, but powerful program for you. So even though you have a lot of free time, ReCharge is not a vacation. In interactive workshops, we invite you to the edge of your comfort zone, challenge you to investigate the path you are walking in your (professional) life. Our workshops are the shell, the guidance, you decide what you want to investigate. We ask you to look at your work, or your friends or social activities and through a couple of steps you will learn and see which of these no longer serve you, or which might need some attention. We help you set goals and think about which small, elegant steps might help you to a more satisfying future. We even offer you 1 hour free coaching, which you can use even a couple of weeks after the event, to maximize the effect of your intentions.

Second, simply by being who we are, Kitty and I are known for our ability to foster a safe environment. We encourage and create meaningful conversations, that feel light, and will have a lasting impact on your life. In our program we cooked a couple of moments, where those conversations will grow, without being uncomfortable, and they will continue to happen throughout the whole event.

Of course there will be room for small talk, but as we all know, small talk is not what will help us gain insight, what will help us foster and nurture our resilience, and… small talk is something most of us are capable of, without our help and interference. Therefor, we actively make room for meaningful conversations!

Third, going on vacation does not automatically mean that you will detach from your everyday life. Our laptops, phones and tablets make it so much harder to really press that pause button. Even our brains simply need more time and distance than we are usually inclined to give it, to truly help us step out of the rat race and observe ourselves a little.

We encourage you to unplug! However we don’t force things upon you. If you really feel the need to check in on your work, family, social media, or whatever online things require your attention, you are free to do so. And, in order to shield others from the inevitable urge to follow your example, we do restrict the use of appliances to the privacy of your room.

And last, but definitely not least, we bring our personalities into the event!

While creating our event, we interviewed a couple of people about the concept and what they think of it. One of the questions was: “What about this event appeals to you?” Some of the respondents answered that with: The two of you, of course

Now, this is difficult for me, as I have been taught my whole life to be modest and not to brag. However… I honestly believe, that the combination of my personality and Kitty’s is the one thing that makes our event exclusive and appealing! And to honor my intention not to brag, I’ll simply share what others say about us online:

Kitty always provides honest and helpful feedback, the right kind of support for each person and situation, as well as an unbelievably positive and energetic presence.

Marjoke is an incredible coach, and a wonderful person. We worked together for 6 months and she coached me with understanding, empathy and care. She challenged me and helped me with powerful questions. I was able to overcome a few blocking points I was facing and, that’s genius, I had real fun in the process. Marjoke’s warmth makes you feel immediately at ease, completely safe and accepted.

Kitty has the talents to translate theory to direct results in a pleasant and motivating way. Colleagues were empowered and motivated to learn in guidance of Kitty.

What strikes me most about Marjoke is that by asking the right questions she can show people what they are looking for. She gives people a safe feeling to express their problems, which helps them to mature. She also sees well where people can grow and gives them the confidence and space to do so. Her positive, cheerful and energetic appearance is infectious!

Kitty is very easygoing, exposes Agile all over the place, and can persuade even the most difficult people to at least give Agile a try. Great person to work with, one of the best teams I’ve been part of in the last couple of years.

I got to learn to know Marjoke as a professional with a lot of personal attention. She knows how to coach/motivate people to develop themselves in a friendly/warm manner, and critical way, when necessary. I would wholeheartedly recommend her as a coach to make a team function (even) better.

Now, are you ready for your all-inclusive with the two of us, and possibly 9 other amazing participants?

Sign up here:

More questions or would you like to leave a response? We’d love to read them below, or reach out to me or Kitty in another way known to you!

Published on Medium and LinkedIn on July 7, 2021

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